Activities and services

Our Organization assists Clients in the various phases that characterize a real estate investment or divestment operation, be it made up of individual assets, real estate portfolios and non-performing loans with underlying real estate.

One or more areas of activity are activated in relation to specific needs, constantly working in synergy in order to achieve the Client’s goals, operating with top efficiency and effectiveness.

The main areas of activity can be outlined as follows:

Strategic consulting

The Strategic Consulting area assists Clients in initiatives requiring the development of a real estate and financial enhancement strategy, for example through:

  • the definition and rationalization of the Client’s real objectives
  • the application of Creative Analysis systems to study the features of the asset / portfolio under evaluation (in acquisition or dismantling)
  • the definition of strategic roads for real estate enhancement, also in light of the interests to be managed and the balance of the various parties involved
  • the creation of business plans on a multi-year basis to support the operation’s economic and financial feasibility study
  • assistance in research, definition and negotiation with the financial operators and investors involved (credit institutions, Sgr asset management companies, private equity funds, etc.)
  • assistance and management of the Asset Management process and adoption of the selected strategic plan

Broker & Agency Activities

Through a dedicated company, the Broker & Agency area assists Clients in the most commercial phase of the investment and / or real estate development process, coordinating and implementing the several activities mainly marketing and commercial ones, both in the sales and leasing activities, starting from the market value estimate and by managing the negotiation process up to the closing, for example through:

  • the development of Broker Opinion through studies and targeted research devised to identify the market value of the sale or lease of a specific real estate asset or real estate portfolio
  • conducting exploratory activities in order to confidentially test the interest of a narrow selection of stakeholders potentially to be involved in the real estate transaction (buyers, sellers and users)
  • the management and support in all activities relating to the structuring of the real estate transaction such as: due diligence, Virtual Data Room management, verification of economic sustainability analysis, site-visit management, etc.
  • final phase of the real estate transaction activities management: negotiation with the buyer / seller and lessor / lessee, management of the interests involved, post-closing activities support, etc.

Investment & Asset Management

The Investment & Asset Management area operates in synergy with the other business units, as it actively coordinates and plans all aspects concerning investment and divestment operations (real estate, financial, strategic, commercial, etc.), monitoring both investment goals and the situation of the properties under management in order to grasp opportunities to create the value the system can offer and address the most complex situations innovatively with critical thinking and problem solving attitude.

For specific investment opportunities, the I&AM division can also structure investment transactions through Club Deal systems or the use of Crowdfunding platforms.

Dedicated Services

Our Organization continues to consolidate its skills in two exclusive services, Realink and RESS, to meet our Clients’ specific and sophisticated needs



Realink is the exclusive and customised Real Estate service dedicated to selected Investors which, based on specific needs, allows direct access to high standing relationships and important investment opportunities in real estate and loans with underlying real estate


RESS: Real Estate Strategic Solution

The complete service dedicated to Private and Institutional Clients needing a customised activity aimed at identifying a Strategic Real Estate Enhancement Plan concerning one or more real estate assets